Men who are thinking about participating in Greek Life on the Chico State campus should start here.

  • Strong Academics
  • Alumni Guidance
  • Committed Brotherhood
  • Leadership

Becoming a Sigma Nu initiate involves several weeks of education, bonding activities, and events. Sigma Nu ensures a safe atmosphere for their candidates throughout the process and is committed to a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to hazing. We are looking for candidates who seek to embody the ideals of Sigma Nu and are committed to the ideal of Honor upon which our Fraternity was founded. Our chapter holds rush events at the beginning of each semester.

The future of our chapter lies in your ability to attract quality leaders, share with them Sigma Nu’s benefits and lasting memories, introduce them to the Brothers, and then ask them to become a lifelong Knight of Sigma Nu.

In adherence with California State University Chico, all freshman candidates must wait until Spring to rush. 

Sigma Nu Fraternity Iota Kappa Chapter